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Dave-iD is currently finishing off his new album 'Selection Box', an eclectic mix of new songs from Dance, Rock to Gothic and ballads, again with a huge guest list of performers.

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Dave-iD Busaras was in session on Dave Fannings 2FM radio show in Dublin. He performed three new songs from the forthcoming album 'Selection Box' and material from 'Smegma Structions Don't Rhyme'.
Session tracklist as follows:
'Let me in girl'
'Running scared'
'This is a song for girl who has name'
- from 'Selection Box'

'Who Wants to Look Like Dave-iD'
- from 'Smegma Structions Don't Rhyme'

Dave Fanning also played some new songs from 'Selection Box' CD.

More News:

The Virgin Prunes back catalogue is out now.

'A new form of beauty'


'If I die I die'

'Over the rainbow'

'The moon looked down and laughed'

All albums with songs by Dave-iD Busaras.

Dave-id Busaras