- Selection Box
Dave-iD Busaras: Vocals, keyboard and backing vocals
The Band:
Rod Callan: bass, keyboards, piano, programming, backing vocals
ex-Pelvis, Johnny Power: bass and backing vocals
ex-Pelvis, Eddie Reynolds: guitar and backing vocals
Steve Belton: guitar
ex-Pelvis, Mick Goss: drums on some songs
Wayne Sheehy: Drums, percussion
Karol Trovirove on 'The way you put me in the mood' song
Kevin: piano
Trevor Knight: string department
Sandy: vocals on 'Je t'aime'
ex-Virgin Prunes, Strongman: backing vocals on 'Bitch (rusty as the Berlin wall)

Produced by Rod Callan, assisted by Dave-iD Busaras
Engineered by Rod Callan
Recorded at The Works Studio Dublin (alas, no more)

- Bushy Luxury (The Whole Story)
Album by Dave-iD Busaras and Toshi Hiraoka.
Of the 18 tracks on the album, 2 are bonus tracks, including one track by ex-Virgin Prunes singer, Guggi, called "Castal Muck".
Photo by Peter Rowen of Dave-iD Busaras.
Inside art by Dave-iD Busaras.
Mixed by Gerry Tamin.
Mixed by Rod Callan.
Produced by Rod Callan, Dave-iD Busaras and Toshi Hiraoka.

- Smegma Structions Don't Rhyme
Album by Dave-iD Busaras.
Lyrics by Dave-iD Busaras.
Music by ex-Virgin Prunes Dave-iD Busaras, Mary and Strongman, also Johnny Rowen and Eddie Reynolds ex-Pelvis.
Produced by Rod Callan.
Paintings and art by Dave-iD Busaras.
Photos by Ursula Stevens.