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In the beginning...

Raised in a working class suburb of Dublin, Dave-iD's childhood was marked by two events: a year long battle with meningitis that permanently marked him and the death of his mother. Dave-iD retreated into himself, rarely speaking and being treated as an outcast by other children. Then he met the "LYPTON VILLAGE", a collection of friends with strange names: Bono, Strongman, Guggi, Gavin Friday, and a markedly different view of life and people. They immediately recognised the beauty and intelligence of Dave-iD and through their friendship Dave-iD came out of his shell, to become an eloquent narrator and extrovert performer.

He joined the Virgin Prunes at the very beginning of the group and although early performances involved eating a ketchup-smothered chicken to a musical accompaniment he soon began writing songs and performing them live. He was also an integral part of the Virgin Prunes in the studio contributing tracks to all their albums. The wide range of musical styles covered by Dave-iD's songwriting reflected his eclectic taste in music and his voice capable of expressing brain-exploding rage and soul-melting sorrow made him truly a unique artist.

After the break-up of the Virgin Prunes in 1987 Dave-iD continued to work with Strongman and Mary as The Prunes - releasing two albums "Lite Fantastik" (1990) and "Nada" (1991). The Prunes toured extensively but ceased to exist in 1993 after releasing a mini-album "Blossoms and Blood".